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A headlight (or head lamp) is attached to the front of a vehicle. Its purpose is to illuminate the road during periods of low visibility (i.e. nighttime, snow or rain, etc.).

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Headlight

  • One or more of the headlights will not operate

  • Discoloration of the headlight lens

  • Headlight not aimed correctly

  • Water or condensation in the headlight lens


Shocks & Struts

When you think about your car’s struts, you likely think about its shock absorbers, too. “shocks and struts” go together almost interchangeably as a concept — but while they both provide dampening over rough road surfaces, they're actually different parts.

  • struts are a structural part of the suspension system that support the weight of the vehicle. in many cases, struts are also part of the steering system, pivoting whenever the steering wheel is turned. for these reasons, struts can affect a vehicle’s alignment.
  • shocks do not support the vehicle weight, nor are they part of the steering system. they only provide vehicle dampening by controlling spring and suspension movement.

most vehicles today use a suspension component called a macpherson strut, named after its inventor, earle s. macpherson. this type of strut combines a shock absorber and coil spring into one assembly. with this design, the strut supports the weight of the vehicle while also providing dampening over bumps. the strut also serves as a pivot point for the steering knuckle, which attaches to the wheel and tire assembly.


Custom Wheels 

Wheels are the circular disks or rings on which automobile or motorcycle tires are mounted. Custom wheels are non-stock or upgraded wheels designed to set your vehicle apart by adding a richer, sportier or classier look. We offer a large selection of in-stock custom wheels and tires at the lowest prices. We have a large variety of plus-size wheel and tire options suited for any vehicle, whether it be street, dirt, or mud, Benton County Tire Pros has you covered.


Oversized Tires

After a new set of some oversized tires? We have the best brands and styles at unbeatable prices. No matter what you drive we have the oversized tires to make it stand out, or help you better perform offroad! Oversized tires can offer a few benefits to your vehicle performance such as:


  • Oversized tires increase the ground clearance for trucks and off-road vehicles
  • Aggressive tread blocks on oversized tires grip rough terrain better
  • Oversized wheels are usually aesthetically pleasing and are used on cars and trucks alike
  • Wider wheels and tires provide enhanced grip on the road, especially dry surfaces


Farm & AG Tires

When the time comes to change your used tractor tires and get a new set, Benton County Tire Pros is the place to go! Order your next set of farm tires from us and finnish your work more efficiently, improve productivity and fuel economy and eperience enhanced field traction as well as reduced soil compaction! Talk to one of our experts and get started on your next farm tire order.


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